How to quickly spot a job scam

Be sure to look out for the warning signs when applying for a new job.

Recruitment scams are growing worrying trend in South Africa with many agencies being regularly targeted by con artists.

Founder of HR Company Solutions Madelein Smit says jobseekers should be wary of the scams that seem to be growing in Gauteng.

“We have been receiving calls from people asking us about their jobs. The scammer has asked jobseekers to pay a certain fee to secure a job interview using an employee’s name,” says Smit.

According to Smit, scams have a negative impact on recruitment agencies because people became suspicious of job offers or opportunities.

Smit says with unemployment rising quarterly, scammers are also hard at work.

“Scammers are taking advantage of the thousands of unemployed South Africans who are in desperate need of work. We would like to increase people’s awareness and knowledge of these recruitment scams to ensure those job seekers do not end up losing money and their good names,” says Smit.

Tips on how to spot a job scam:

1. Recruitment agencies will never charge a candidate to assist them with finding a job.

2. We live in a digital era, so look up the company online before you apply.

3. If someone tells you you have been shortlisted for a job you haven’t applied for, this is a red flag as you cannot be shortlisted for something you haven’t even applied for.

4. Remember that sending your CV to someone, gives them access to important personal information which, in the wrong hands, can be very detrimental and even lead to identity fraud. Before you send your CV, make sure their company is legitimate.

5. Unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So, beware people who guarantee you a job in exchange for money, recruiting does not work like that.

6. When applying for jobs advertised through Gumtree or any other website, first to read through the job description and specification and ensure the contact number and company name supplied are legitimate.

7. When looking for a job, use legitimate platforms such as PNET, Careers24 and Indeed as recruiters and companies that advertise vacancies on these platforms are vetted and also pay to advertise.

8. Before uploading your CV to websites, ensure these are trusted and legitimate.

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