Where does the odd socks go?

Where does the other sock go?

When I left the house this morning there were 2 perfectly dirty matching socks in the laundry basket, I know that they were both there because I put them there. After the “suicide hour” bathing routine, I opened the draw to find only one of the socks that I parted with earlier. Where do the socks go? This is a question that all mom’s face and it remains unanswered.

I began to imagine the path of the travelling sock.  Perhaps it went to a world where the odd socks go, a place between here and there, but not quite sure where itself. A place of uncertainty. I guess I can we relate to this world.

I do find myself in a world where my conscious and subconscious worlds collide. Questioning who I have become and how I got here. Sometimes, I don’t recognise myself, at times I feel that the people and the places that have shaped my world have taken more than I gave them. I’m not anything like I used to be. My path of reflection has been a wonderful journey of personal development and deep self-awareness to where I have found myself now. Not all is what I have asked for. Sometimes life just slips in through a back door, unnoticed, when we’re waiting for it at the front door. If I’m honest, I would give it all back for a chance to start over and rewrite an ending or two but that’s not how we grow.

Who says we must be matching socks?

Who we were should not define who we are, entirely. When we leave a part of who we used to be behind, we grow as we go. We might be just the right amount of reckless, we learn how to toughen up when we’re bruised by a world that does not know how to love, and we will get stuck and be scared of the life that’s inside of us.  We’re still growing  stronger each day, until we are finally reminded to fight just a little to bring back the fire in our hearts that used to be gone. Embracing what makes us different and not hiding from it.

Can we wear different socks?

When we look around us, our worlds are filled with odd socks, all the different colours, shapes and sizes represent the people that cross our lives. Each with their own paths and journeys that find their ways to us, some to inspire, some to leave bitter tastes behind, but all are sent our way to wear through the seasons that we find ourselves in. I have recently found that trying on some different socks can make for a life lived in beautiful harmony.

How long do we search for the lost sock?

Change is inevitable, we simply cannot stay the same person that we are forever. We can never be who we used to be. Our time here in this lifetime is universal and the journey of our lives is intended for us to evolve into the best version of ourselves guided by our higher selves. All we can do as the tide of life takes over, is to stay true to our life philosophy that we have created within ourselves. Through understanding that everything that we need is inside of us, regardless of where we are on our journey and how far away, we can build ourselves again from where we used to be. Perhaps we can stop searching for who we were once upon a time and the accept who have become.

When we understand fully that we hold all the power to design a life that we want to live, the mystery of where the odd sock`s go becomes irrelevant and we can celebrate the seasons of joy or a time of rest, recharge and redirect, as God prepares you for what lies ahead.

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